1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2.0 

1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2.0 is an innovative solution for integrated information systems for business management. The program was created on the basis of the best international and Russian practices of business automation. 1C ERP Enterprise Management 2.0 was developed on a new version 8.3. of the 1C: Enterprise platform. Product was created by specialists of 1C company and managers of large industrial companies. The 1C ERP Enterprise Management 2.0 was tested for over one year.

1C ERP Rise.png

The main advantages of 1C ERP Enterprise Management 2.0 are:

• extensive functionality at the level of ERP-systems of international class;

• flexible and productive modern platform "1C: Enterprise 8.3." which supports the work in the Internet, including cloud computing technologies and mobile devices;

• a large number of customized solutions that extend the capabilities of the system;

• moderately priced product and the possibility of obtaining significant economic effect (an increase in productivity and a rapid return on investment).

The main directions of development in the 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2.0:

• A new subsystem of management. This is control of interplant transfers and at the operational level, route lists, batch management startup, group and personal tasks at work, operational dispatch, load management, planning to time slice, a readiness to work with imprecise regulations.

• A subsystem for maintenance management. This is account of equipment, registration of operation time, taking into account current and unscheduled repairs, the integration of the production subsystem - equipment availability graphics.

• Development of a system of cost accounting and cost calculation. This is detailing to the initial cost level, visibility and control of calculation soundness.

• Development of a financial management subsystem. This is accounting in the context of activities, phase matching applications, flexible allocation rules, acquiring operations.

• Improvement of budgeting tools - table model of budgeting, versioning, targets calculation, data decryption.

• The development of subsystems to automate inventory and warehouse management of the company. This is performance management and sales transactions with the client, setting up automatic pricing, the use of regulated sales processes, enhanced customer order management, management of sales representatives, monitoring of sales processes. Also subsystem includes separate account on the orders: requirements reservation, mobile warehouse working areas, accounting reusable containers, statistical analysis of inventory management and product delivery calendar.

• Development of a subsystem of regulated accounting. This is setting rules on business transactions for groups of financial accounting, economic activities registration with deferred conduct to control the relevance of records, operational control of the formation of postings for any document, calculations with separate organization departments (79 account), automatic account support of "complex" VAT without additional configuration, the declaration of income tax and regulation accounting deciphering.

• Improving the product capabilities in terms of personnel management and payroll preparation. This is the maintenance of staff list, payroll preparation by staff results, flexible wages record in the financial and regulated accounting.

• Usage of the new features of version 8.3 "1C: Enterprise" platform. It works in the mode of a thin client and web client.