Maintenance management system

The subsystem manages the manual of equipment, classifies them on the basis of ratings' commonality, operation time, types of operation time, running regimes. It monitors the repairable items status, as well their attribute and location. The repairable items can be embedded or a component of other repairable items.

 The data of operation time and discovered defects are inputted in the system during the maintenance of repairable items. The defect registration in the log allows making the analysis and organizing planned and unplanned repairs.

 The term “types of repairs” defines the types of possible works with repairable items. One can assign in the system the list of used materials and labor expenditures or to make a needed works' list for types of repairs.

 The functional of the subsystem allows making the schedule of preventive repairs, which takes into account both registered defects, operation time, rules, and unpredictable externals (outboard arrangements).

 The subsystem is closely integrated with the production subsystem. The repairable items could be connected with production working centers. Besides, the equipment planned repairs set the availability of that equipment for production planning. Any productive resources could be used for repair works; the production can function for the maintenance needs.

 Main innovation of solutions and functional development:

  • Registration and hierarchical classification of objects which are exploited;
  • Monitoring of repairable items status; 
  • Management by types of repairs;
  • Organization of planned and unplanned repairs.
  • Uniform system for providing with resources repair and production works.
  • Forming of overall value of repairable items ownership.