Procurement management

The subsystem provides the procurement managers with the information, which is needed for well-timed decision making about restocking of inventory items, for the procurement costs reduction and for the accurate organization of interaction with suppliers.

 The functional of the subsystem includes:

  • operational planning of the procurement based on sales targets, master production schedules and unexecuted customer orders;
  • supplier ordering and orders execution monitoring;
  • filing and analysis of execution of the additional contract clauses with fixed stock keeping units, amounts and terms of delivery;
  • support of various kinds of delivery acceptance from suppliers, including acceptance for sale and give and take raw material acceptance;
  • execution of non-invoiced deliveries using warehouse warrants;
  • the analysis of the warehouse and production demand in goods, finished products and materials;
  •  analysis walkthrough and correlation between customer orders and supplier orders;
  • consequences analysis of possible suppliers’ backlogs (which customer order could be frustrated because of underdelivery of goods or materials);
  • procurement planning taking into account the predictable stock level and reserved inventory items on stocks;
  • selection of optimal suppliers according to their reliability, deliveries history, urgency level of order execution, proposed delivery terms, location or other options and automatic order placement;
  • delivery schedule compilation and schedule of payments.

 Main innovation of solution and functional evolution:

  • Management of procurement activity.
  • Business processes of complex procurement.
  • Control of delivery terms.
  • Advanced analysis and selection of suppliers according to prices and terms.
  • Overall value costing of inventory items procurement.
  • Control and support requirements analysis of items.