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[RSM Weekly Update#13]: bulk mailing is in the final stage of testing

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team

Last week we discussed School Forums and a few other things. 
If you have missed a Weekly Update#12 on the new additions in 
Rise School Communicator, you can check it out here.

As you know, our Development Team has been busy with the bulk mailing 
functionality for the last few weeks. This has been in the testing stage on our side, 
whereby our Team tries out different scenarios in the test infobase to test if everything is in order. 

Currently our Development Team is making final improvements to the Bulk Mailing 
functionality based on our Team's feedback and suggestions. 

As you know, you can email statements to parents from the system.
With the Bulk Mailing function, Schools will be able to email anything - any communication - 
to all parents from RSM. You will be able to select any class from the list 
or select all of them to notify all your parents at once.

On a different note, Simonstown School has made a decision to get a full package, 
e.g. Rise School Management. They liked the school-specific functionality of the system. 
Also, the recent lockdown has served as the catalyst for their decision, as they could not 
access any school or finance info from their current systems outside of the school building. 

Going back to the bulk mailing functionality, we were wondering if any of you 
are currently using any sms-providers. If so, will linking an sms function to the Bulk Mailing 
be of help to you? If so, please email back to this email.

Just to share, one month after coming onboard of Rise Communicator,
Parow High School has managed to get 850 parents onboard. This is beyond fantastic!
If you need assistance with getting parents onboard onto the app, 
please email back to this email. 

If you would like to see Rise School Management in action, please drop an email to info@risebiz.co.za

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