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[RSM Weekly Update#16]: Enrollments simplified is live

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team

Last week we discussed the bank stream additions in RSM, 043-Form submission and more.
If you have missed a Weekly Update#15, you will find it below this email.

As some of you have watched the video guide on the Bank Stream additions,
you will be aware of the improvements that our Dev Team implemented in the Bank Stream.

Here is an overview for you to read through:

1. The Account Code column is now next to the Amount column.

2. The Settings button is now placed under Excluded transactions.

3. If you click on Settings, you are able to customize Bank Stream on your side.
You can add columns such as Date imported, Last updated, Payment method.

4. The Period of time is now in the top right corner. It allows you to customize it,
which is esp. valuable when you set up the Bank Stream.

5. Matching a transaction function has been improved in that you are able
to match it or split it against several invoices at once.

Even if you have an unmatched amount, the system will still allow you to match or split a transaction.

The Unmatched Amount will then be visible in the Bank Stream that you can just match to the right account
directly from the Bank Stream.

6. There are different ways of splitting transactions. Read more on
the whole list of additions with the screenshots and the detailed instructions here.

The Enrollment simplified is live. It assists Admin Staff and Bursars with facilitating the enrolment process.

Parents can fill in an Enrollment form from a Google Form.
Bursars and Admin Staff can then import the aggregated info from one spreadsheet into the RSM.
You are able to create Learners in the system using the info that you have collected from parents
via a Google Form.

School -> Enrollment

Make sure you watch a video-guide to learn how it works and
read through a detailed user-guide on Enrollments before you start using Enrollments simplified.

We tested it with one of the Schools and got fantastic feedback and compliments to the Dev Team.

No more deciphering of illegible handwriting and inability to email a parent due to the former.
No more double capturing and manual input.

Read on more details on Rise School Management, all-in-one for schools.

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