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[RSM Weekly Update #3 for Schools]: 3 practical ways of improving communication with parents

by Anna Toma, Rise SA team

Last week we looked at how Schools can improve their communication with parents,
thanks to the Rise School Communicator. It was interesting to learn how the live Billing on
the Communicator helps Schools to reduce their workload & the cost of printing statements.

Since last week, in terms of training in RSM, some schools have been quite active with training on:

How to create a budget for 2020 in RSM;
How to set up a Gmail account in RSM for emailing Statements in bulk;
How to create & email an individual statement for a specific learner at a click;
How to import learner data & additional learner info into Rise School Management;
How to customize print forms for Statements and other documents;
How to work with the Bank Stream.
If your School needs to be trained on one of the above or another aspect in RSM,
just email back & we can set it up.

Today we will look at three practical ways of using Rise School Communicator
to keep in touch with your parents on a regular basis:

1. Set up Channels for grades/classes/subjects,
depending on your School's needs. (School->School Communicator->Channels)
Parents will then need to subscribe to a specific channel,
in order to receive channel-specific posts from your School;

2. Engage Admin Staff who are responsible for updating the Communicator with:
- setting up a communication plan for 2-3 weeks
It will help Educators, Bursar, Principal & other stakeholders to effectively engage parents on important topics;
- drawing up a schedule of posts that you will be posting in the next 2-3 weeks;

3. Create short, courteous yet informative posts/resources on various pertinent topics,such as:
paying school fees regularly, e-learning, safety & childrens' emotional wellbeing during the lockdown etc.

The three steps above will ensure that your School works in a team with parents by
addressing the recent challenges that we've all been facing in meaningful ways.

Interestingly, with the lockdown in place, recently we've been getting interest in
Rise School Communicator even from no-fee paying schools.

If you still need to get more parents onboard to download Rise School Communicator,
-you can email these leaflets with the links to all the parents (the leaflets will open once you click on the link)
-post an official letter from your School why your School will use the Communicator
on all the existing What's App groups for parents.

Here is some feedback on the Communicator from Hanli Mostert, who has been using RSM
for over a year now:

"We have been using the full package now for a while. One of the best features of RSM is
the fact that it's all-in-one. From finances, to getting all your data in one place, to communicating
with parents. At first the parents were reluctant to use the communication app, but when they've
realised that it is secure and not a "chat room", more parents have signed up to use it.
Being the only Admin person working at the School, it makes it difficult to send out statements regularly.
But with the Billing available on the app, it helps me a lot, as parents can view their statements any time, any place.
I use the chat function as a one-on-one communication platform between myself and parents,
when they inform me of the learner being absent or asking just a quick question.
I use the News function to communicate information, exam timetables, links to exhibitions &
even pricelists on the art supplies.
There is no limit on what you want to communicate, within a couple of minutes to all the parents at the same time.
I am a truly happy customer".
Hanli Mostert, Tygerberg Art Centre, Parow, Cape Town

If you need assistance with any of the above, just email back & we will set up a Weekly Meeting with your School.
If you would like a live demo or Rise School Management or Rise School Communicator, just email anna.toma@risebiz.co.za

Rise School Management is an all-in-one system that automates finances, 043-Form, Budget Report Planned vs. Actuals, 
Batch Invoicing (all at once or by grade/class), Rise School Communicator, Incidents & more. Learn more at riseschoolmanagement.co.za

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