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[School Forum for Bursars and Admin Officers]: Bulk mailing and Enrollments Simplified

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team

Rise School Management is an all-in-one school management system in a cloud 
that addresses School's challenges effectively and in a personal way.

We had a few existing schools and some new schools. Great vibes, pertinent questions
and a friendly atmosphere.A Bursar from one of our Schools - Hanli Mostert from
Tygerbergkunssentrum - did an amazing job explaining how Bulk Mailing and 
Enrollments Simplified work in Rise School Management.

For the last three years Rise SA Team has been hosting School Forums
as a platform for schools to share on knowledge, insights and
also for new schools to see how Rise School Management
addresses schools' challenges in one system.

The School Forum on Wed, July 29 went fantastic. It was dedicated to the new functionality
that we have recently developed - Enrollments Simplified. We have developed it together 
with schools based on their feedback, suggestions to address their current challenges.

Rise School Management

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown that South Africa has been under since the end of March of 2020,
we have started hosting School Forums via Google Hangouts.

With Enrollments (click to view a video guide on how it works), the challenge was that Bursars
and Admin Staff had to decipher illegible handwriting which would cause many mistakes,
and a need to follow up with parents repeatedly.

The latter would also be exacerbated by the fact that if the email address was written not clearly,
it would be impossible to email them in order to follow up with them regarding the Enrollments' info.

Hence this idea of filling in the Google Form as the Enrollment form was welcomed by schools in 
a positive way. When parents fill in the Google form instead of the paper form, it only saves time 
on manual capturing and double input, it also enables Admin Staff and Bursars to import
parents' and learners' details onto RSM and Learner Cards will be automatically created as a result of such an import.

It was exciting to see other schools that currently use Rise School Management share
their insights and input on using different aspects of the system. 

Some insights that came up as a result of this School Forum

1) Mapping is critical to have 043-Form work and be correct; 
2) It's a good practice to upload most recent parents' emails
 before bulk mailing them; 
3) You can view 043-Form both Quaterly and by Semester. 

Find out more details how Rise School Management addresses School's challenges.

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