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Business Management Solutions

Rise Accounting

Rise Accounting helps manage payments and receipts, providing clarity into purchasing and sales transactions, and gives you a big picture of current financial transactions. With Rise Accounting, business owners get handy automation tools for streamlining accounts payable and receivable processes, and save essential time on daily operations.

Anytime access to corporate data simplifies communication with outside employees, while keeping business owners informed about the company financial situation and helping them make good decisions. Rise Accounting is available in cloud as well as on-premises.

Rise Drive

Rise Drive is the powerful and customisable ERP software, designed for automating purchasing and sales, manufacturing and customer service, project management and other processes in mid-sized companies.

Decision makers benefit from a wide range of easy-to-use management tools, while employees take advantage of intuitive interface and plenty of useful features facilitating their daily activities. 

Rise Drive is a signature cloud ERP solution for business schools. It integrates various business processes in one system - with customer invoicing, supplier invoicing, fixed assets, budgeting, procurement management and more - under one umbrella. 1C:Drive supports multiple organizations and is capable to keep documents and generate reports for different entities of your company. All recorded data is stored in a single database. Here is a link to a Forum for colleges whereby the Financial Manager of TSIBA Business school shares how they use Rise Drive in their organization

Download link to Rise Drive.

Rise ERP

Rise ERP is a software solution that provides a full pack of instruments for automating business processes in large organizations. The software combines rich functionality and ease of use, providing high-quality tools for automating:

  • Financial Management and Regulatory Reporting
  • Budgeting and Cost Accounting
  • HR Management and Payroll Preparation
  • Manufacturing and Repair Management
  • Monitoring and Analysis of Enterprise Operating Rates
  • Sales and Customer Relationship Management
  • Purchasing and Warehouse Management
and other activities.        

Rise ERP suits geographically distributed enterprises that need automating material, manufacturing, financial and staff resource management.

If you would like to see a demo of Rise ERP, email us at info@risebiz.co.za and we’ll set up a Zoom call.