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Contract Management

With 1C: Document Management, you can easily manage your company contracts: from instant creation of drafts through swift approvals to real-time tracking of contract lifecycle stages.

Contracts are generated based on pre-defined templates: fill in a contract record card with necessary attributes and the system properly substitutes corresponding values in the contract draft. Сontract record cards contain full information on a certain contract: its attributes, resolutions, approvals, related documents, electronic signatures.
DM_Contract record card+Draft.png

The approval process corresponds to a certain contract approval template and depends on a contract type. You just choose a configured template, while the system automatically sends documents to approvers in the right consequence. When the approval process is over, a responsible person receives a task to hand over the contract to be signed. Thus, the system completely controls the whole procedure, and no single stage can be omitted. All task-handling terms can be easily configured in contract approval templates.

The report Contracts about to expire helps track contract lifecycles and timely prolong or close contracts out, which secures good reputation and relationship with contractors.

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