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Document Management

With 1C: Document management, you can easily automate internal document flow in your company and manage all kinds of documents and files.

In the solution, documents are swiftly generated based on pre-configured templates, which saves your time and ensures corporate document uniformity. The application automatically populates a generated document with values from the corresponding document card. Templates also determine processes that can be launched from certain document cards.

DM_Contract record card+Draft.png

The document transfer journal contains all information about transfers of paper documents or their copies. Here you can record document transfers to your employees or counterparties and see where the document is now and who’s keeping its hard copy.

Full-text search allows you to quickly find a required document irrespective of its type – the solution will provide you with links to all system objects, containing the target phrase in their cards or text.

DM_Full-text search.png

To find an electronic version of a paper document, you can enter its unique barcode manually in the search field or scan it with a barcode reader.

Document approval, performance, examination or confirmation processes can be launched from document cards and correspond to pre-configured templates. Users don’t have to guess who’s responsible for approving or executing this or that document, the system will automatically send tasks to the right participants.

DM_Document card_send for approval.png

My Documents entry contains all documents related to a certain user. It may contain documents the user created or those attached to tasks the user sent or received.

DM_My documents.png

With 1C:Document management, you can keep incoming and outgoing documents well-ordered and manage correspondence easily: send, receive and register. Incoming and outgoing document cards contain full information on them: registration numbers, attributes, resolutions, attachments and email history.

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