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Process Management

1C: Document Management helps to handle company internal processes. Employees manage work issues by means of tasks, which makes processes transparent for participants.

After a responsible person handles the task, the task sender receives results and either accepts them or resends the task for finishing.

To manage recurrent and routine processes related to document processing, the solution provides strictly defined templates. With such templates, the system automatically directs the tasks down the right route, and the sender can be sure only right recipients will receive the document.

DM_Document card_send for approval.png

1C: Document Management provides pre-configured templates for the processes of:

  • Approval
  • Validation
  • Review
  • Registration
  • Execution
  • Familirisation

While strict templates help manage complex processes, simple procedures can be built into short chains manually.

Handy pictorial schemes show all process stages and participants more clearly.


The entry Tasks for me contains all inbound tasks of a certain user. Its user-friendly interface show all necessary information about tasks in a preview mode, while handy buttons allow users make less clicks.

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