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1C: Drive

1C: Drive is a software solution designed especially for automating processes in mid-level companies. Its powerful platform allows for customising the software to any company’s individual demands and queries. With a user-friendly interface and a quick start capability, the software is easy to configure and deploy.

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1C:Drive provides advanced customer relationship management features that help companies efficiently implement their customer acquisition and retention strategies. 

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1C:Drive supports sales management offering features for facilitating and speeding up of both wholesale and retail sales.

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1C:Drive offers a variety of inventory replenishment methods, such as regular purchases, advance holder’s purchases, purchases made by agents, safe custody, and receiving supplier's raw materials for processing.

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Inventory and Warehousing

1C:Drive facilitates inventory accounting for multiple retail outlets and warehouses. This includes detailed accounting of displays, racks, cells, and shelves.

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1C:Drive streamlines manufacturing accounting providing tools for planning and calculating cost value of the goods and parts produced.

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1C:Drive offers easy-to-use instruments for comprehensive financial management from budget planning and managing assets to expense analysis and settlement.

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1C:Drive helps easily configure day-to-day accounting operations using variety of uploaded GL accounts.

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HR and Payroll

1C:Drive helps you manage employee time sheets and make payroll calculations, facilitating employee task and job management.

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Manager Dashboard

1C:Drive reports provide overall statistics on important business characteristics including personnel state, expenses, and efficiency.

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