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HR and Payroll

1C: Drive easy-to-use features help you manage employee time sheets and make payroll calculations. The solution facilitates employee task and job management.

Planning and management

With 1C: Drive, managers can plan personnel workload by creating work orders and job sheets.

Work orders are shown in employee calendars. Managers can use employee calendars to control employee workload. Information about performed jobs and required time is conveniently stored in the application. This data can be used for payroll calculation, efficiency assessment, and variance analysis.

HR Management

In 1C: Drive, you can track hirings, dismissals, employee status changes, and time sheets. The solution stores lists of employees, positions, payment and deduction kinds, employee schedules, and a staff list.

Payroll Calculation

1C: Drive facilitates calculation of bonuses based on performed work. For example, it can calculate payments to sales managers based on the number of closed transactions.

Each payroll entry is calculated as a sum of payments and deductions. Payments and deductions are calculated according to formulas specified by a user. In 1C: Drive, payrolls can be generated in a company required form.