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1C:Drive solution facilitates manufacturing accounting providing tools for manufacturing planning and calculating cost value of the goods and parts produced. This will help you manage your company more efficiently and minimize management expenses.

In the solution, issued products are accounted according to the planned cost during a month, and at the end of the month, the software program calculates their actual cost.

Manufacturing order list displays production and payment status of each order.

Manufacturing_Production Orders.png

1C:Drive requires manufacturing order data to generate manufacturing schedule, resource allocation, etc. It is a useful tool to reserve materials for manufacturing orders.

Planned manufacturing actions and resource demands can be viewed as a schedule chart that serves as a handy tool for efficient management of resources and workload.

One can use job sheets to manage employee workload. When a job order is complete, its cost is added to cost value of the produced goods.

Manufacturing_Job Sheet.png

1C:Drive calculates cost value automatically based on used materials and parts, employee payrolls, and other direct and indirect expenses. Indirect expenses are calculated according to the selected method and allocation base.

Cost of Goods Sold report shows cost values that can be grouped by customer order, production order, or account.

Man_Issue cost.png