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Take advantage of 1C:Drive to facilitate and speed up your sales.

Sales Planning and Analysis

The solution supports sales planning in departments, by individual managers as well as at the level of entire company. Separate plans can be merged into a company’s overall sales plan. Plan target values can depend on the number of goods or expected revenues. Built-in reports provide a big picture of actual and planned sales, keeping users informed about compliance with plans.

Customer Order Registration

Customer orders contain full information about sales orders: from lists of items and total amount to contract references and transaction types. Shipping dates and status of order help users monitor fulfilment of orders and response to possible issues on time.

Sales_Customer Order.png


1C:Drive supports retail sales and can be used in various kinds of stores.  Automated cashier’s workplace is intuitive and easy-to-use, while store managers and owners can monitor sales with the help of detailed reports:

  • Sales report;
  • Accrual accounting;
  • Cash in cash registers.

The software solution supports such specific retail sales equipment as bar code scanners, fiscal data recorders, data terminals, buyer information displays, magnetic card readers, electronic scales, and acquiring terminals. Integration with the equipment streamlines the process allowing users benefit from seamless operations.