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Use the application to manage customer relationships. Easy-to-use tools can help you manage your customer database and track efficiency of your customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Customer Communications

In the solution, you can schedule communications with customers, for example, an appointment, and record its results. You can record phone calls and email correspondence for each customer. At the same time, you can work in a familiar email client, as the application integration tools will provide the necessary information exchange with the mail service.

Sales Conditions

Built-in agreements with customers help control the compliance with sales conditions, and contain the following information:

  • Payment schedule and procedure
  • Taxation treatment
  • Price kind, goods delivery term
  • Discounts or markups.

There are agreements for wholesales and commission sales.

Using this application, you can create standard and individual agreements. The standard agreement registers standard sales conditions and can be applied to a specific segment of customers (wholesale customers, dealers, etc.). The individual one contains individual conditions for customers.

Customer Transactions

Using transactions, you can register all stages of work with customers from potential customer registration to shipping goods to them. A transaction type determines the way the sales process stages are controlled.

In a standard sale, each stage is obligatory. For example, a sales person will not be able to generate an offer to a customer not classifying them, i.e. not stipulating sales conditions.

In transactions with manual stage switch, one can freely move from a stage to another.

In other transactions, you might omit registration of sales stages. Such transactions are usually used in long-term projects.

When registering transactions with customers, the user can:

  • View transaction document lists
  • Register commercial offers and sales conditions
  • Generate purchase orders
  • Draft a transaction operation plan
  • Commit interactions.

In addition, the user is provided with tools that allow them to analyze the whole sales funnel and see at what stages the deals are lost more often.

Registration and Processing of Customer Claims

When registering customer claims, you can record the following information in the application:

  • Customer who made the claim
  • Department or employee responsible for the claim
  • Nature and cause of the claim
  • Result of the claim processing.

You can register the claim not only for the customer but also for any other partner (supplier, competitor, etc.). You can create a separate plan for investigation of its causes based on the registered claim.

Various detailed analytical reports help analyze claims and conflict situations.

Sales Person Efficiency Analysis

In the solution, you can analyze and compare data for different indicators of sales representative performance. When you do, you can set up the output indicators, the date, and the analysis period.