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Maintenance and Repair

With 1C: ERP, you can organize repair activity and easily:

  • Keep accounting of facilities, operation indicators, repair activities;
  • Register facility defects;
  • Manage repair planning.
  • Generate repair orders.

Accounting of Facilities

To organize repair activity management efficiently, you can keep records of all facilities (equipment, buildings) that require maintenance and maintenance cost control (the Facilities list) in the company.

Using classes, you can structure and group facilities by common attributes of accounting, operation and planning standards. You can also divide a class into subclasses. The subclasses determine special rules of planning repair for facilities and nodes that are referred to the same class but have different operation conditions.

Accounting of Operation Indicators

To record current values of facility indicators that show wear factor of facilities or facility nodes, use the Running time registration documents.

Registration of Defects

You can record detected faults in technical condition of the equipment and refusals. To register that the facility or its part is not functional, use the Registration of defects document.

Depending on how serious the consequences might be, you can use the defects to accumulate statistical data on facility using. You can also consider the defects as events that require immediate response.

When registering the defect in the solution, you can record the following methods of defect elimination:

  • Eliminated in situ means that it is not required to allocate additional resources for repair. As soon as the status of the document that has registered the defect is changed, the defect is eliminated;
  • Repair is required means that significant labor costs and additional resources are required to eliminate the defect. Use a repair order to record whether repair is required. After the repair order is executed, it can close several defects detected earlier as eliminated.

To control the facility state, you can use the Facility state report to analyze the following:

  • Last repairs performed;
  • Current and planned running time values;
  • Residual lifetime.

Repair Activity Management

Repair activity management is connected with recording the following repair kinds:

  • Scheduled repair is performed in accordance with volume and frequency stated in the documentation;
  • Repair according to technical condition means that start of repairs depends on technical condition of facility nodes;
  • Repair on demand is performed when the facility nodes are damaged. These are usually unscheduled repairs after registered refusals.

Generate whether maintenance is required according to reference information and registered running time in the Repair activity planning work place.

Generate repair orders based on whether repair activity is required. Use the repair orders as a tool to perform repairs that require special resource supply.

When registering the repair orders, you can record the following operation kinds:

  • Repair means that expenses on the repair orders are recognized in compliance accounting as general production costs of the operating department;
  • Renovation means that these expenses will be recorded in compliance accounting as fixed asset cost that has been changed during the renovation.

You can create the repair orders both by direction (during repair activity planning) and manually (to perform unscheduled repairs).