Inventory and Warehouses

Rise: Business Management facilitates inventory accounting for multiple retail outlets and warehouses. This includes detailed accounting of displays, racks, cells, and shelves.

The software solution helps to perform separate accounting of own inventory, inventory transferred and accepted for sale and safe custody, as well as inventory transferred and accepted for processing.

FIFO and “average cost” methods are used to calculate inventory write-off cost.

All inventory transactions are registered in goods receipt, consignment note for inventory transfer, goods issue, etc. You can register the transactions in various units of measure including packagings, boxes, etc.

Rise: Business Management solution supports separate accounting for warehouse and financial transactions. This simplifies paperwork in certain situations. 

For example, when goods are delivered to a warehouse earlier than accompanying papers. In this case, the software solution makes it possible to issue a purchase order receipt when the goods are delivered, and an inventory receipt - when papers arrive. 

To eliminate potential logistics problems, a sales invoice can be created before goods are shipped to a customer. Then a warehouse employee creates a sales invoice receipt based on the sales invoice.