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1C:Drive Training Demo

1C:Drive offers the training demo that can be freely downloaded and used offline. Setup package will install training version of 1C:Enterprise 8 platform and 1C:Drive application.

Step-by-step installation guide:
  • Extract the folder Drive from the archive
  • Go to the folder Drive/Autorun
  • Run the Autorun.exe as administrator
  • Click "Quick setup"
  • When the installation is completed, double-click the demonstrational information base

Limitations of 1C:Enterprise (training version) comparing to the commercial version:
  • The volume of data is limited for documents, catalogs, registers, charts of accounts and other object tables.
  • It is not possible to use passwords and operating system authentication.
  • Printing and saving spreadsheet documents is not supported.
  • Only one concurrent infobase session in possible.
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1C:Drive Training Demo
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