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[An official letter for Schools]: "How the 043-Form and a budget work in RSM" course on March 11
This is for the third time that we are holding a “How an 043-Form and an approved budget work in the Rise system”. Read on to find out more details.

Accountants' Forum for Accountants and Financial Advisers Feb 03, 2021
Rise SA will host an Accountants' Forum via Zoom at 10h00 on Wed, Feb 03. Read on to find out more details.

[RSM Update#27]: learner data, Google Forms, another HS joins; live School Forums at Parow HS
Read on what schools have been up to; how learner data can be customized in RSM in a few clicks and more exciting updates.

[RSM Update#26]: Gartner's FrontRunners; 4 more new schools; marks module; the second intake of the 043-form course
Gartner names 1C:Enterprise as the FrontRunner in 2020; 4 new schools; marks module and more. Read on to find out more news on the Rise School Management's front.

[Rise School Management]: a live School Forum at Parow High School on Nov 18
A face-to-face offline School Forum is on the cards on Wed, Nov 18 at Parow High School dedicated to the all-in-one school management system, RSM.
Read on to find our details

[1C:Drive ERP]: a new release - version 1.3.6 - is live
1C:Drive ERP: a new version with even more exciting functionality is live. Find out more below.

[Gartner Software Advisory]: 1C:Enterprise becomes a FrontRunner at Gartner.com
1C:Enteprise platform was featured as a FrontRunner at Gartner.com. Read on more details.

How York Road Primary School got 80% of parents onto the Rise Communicator
How one school managed to get 80% of parents onto the Rise Communicator. Find out the exact steps.

[RSM Update#25]: attendees' feedback, "that was phenomenal"
Attendees share their first-hand feedback having done a practical course: "How an 043-Form and an approved budget work in RSM"

[RSM Update#24]: a new training course in RSM on Oct 15
Rise SA Team has been working on a practical course on "How an 043-Form and an approved budget work in RSM". Read on to find out more details.

[1C:Drive ERP use case]: TSIBA Business School
TSIBA Business School chooses 1C:Drive ERP as an integrated ERP business management system to integrate various business processes in one place

1C:Drive ERP version 1.3.5. is out now with many improvements
1C:Drive ERP - the most recent version is live. Read on to find out which improvements took place.

[RSM Weekly#23]: Next school forum, a new training course, Marks and more
This is a schools' weekly update on a new School Forum, a new training course, Marks module and more

[Rise Communicator]: How Schools use Rise Communicator and how much they save per annum
Many schools have problems with communicating with parents. Read on to find out how Schools use Rise Communicator and how much they save with it per annum.

[Weekly Update#22]: A new school, School Forum on Sep 09, asset register and training videos
A new school joins Rise School Administration package. A recent School Forum took place on Sep 09. Learn more about marks module.

[RSM Weekly#21]: School Forum on Aug 26, Marks module and more
Learn more about the School Forum held on Aug 26, the newly developed Marks Module and more

[RSM Weekly#20]: an interview with the Principal who completed the training in RSM
Mr E. Wyngaard, Principal and Mr N. Saayman, Educator, at Firgrove Primary 
completed the training in RSM on Wed, Aug 26. Read a full interview with the Principal on how he finds our system.

[RSM Weekly Update#19]: an interview with Koos Sadie Primary School's Bursar
Koos Sadie Primary School came aboard of RSM at the end of last year. They have trained in our system in the record short time of 3.5 hours. See the full interview below.

1st Accountants' Forum on Rise Accounting: feedback & results
Rise SA Team had its first Accountant Forum, which went fantastic. Find out more details below.

[RSM Weekly#18]: School Forum, bulk mailing, enrollments, a beginner's mindset & a new school

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