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[1C:Drive ERP]: a new release - version 1.3.6 - is live

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team

1C:Drive ERP is an ERP for medium-sized companies. It is flexible and customizable. 

If you have not yet checked out the recent TSIBA use case, you can view it here

Being part of 1Ci projects, 1C:Drive gets improved and updated regularly. 

Every version takes the input of 1Ci partners from all over the world and
implements these suggestions on the software level. 

1C:Drive ERP: version 1.3.6 is live

Production tasks management

Manage production tasks with ease! Now you can generate multiple production tasks
in one click and work with them in a special workplace for production tasks management.
From this workplace, you can assign tasks to employees, split them into multiple tasks, change and monitor their statuses.

Enhanced demand planning tool

Use the Demand planning tool to analyze materials required for production orders
included in the production plan.
1C:Drive determines the demand on the basis of Work in progress statuses related to the production orders.

Zero invoice issued/received

Register zero invoices issued to customers or received from suppliers.
This will help you track invoices issued and received under certain agreements.

Rise SA is a South African partner of 1Ci. All Rise solutions are built on
the 1C:Enterprise platform that has recently won the Gartner's award from
one of the most reputable and respected Software Advisory.

For more details you can view this.

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