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[1C:Drive ERP use case]: TSIBA Business School

by Anna Toma, Rise SA Team

A customer story of  1C:Drive ERP Implementation for TSIBA Business school

"The support that we have received has been phenomenal.
I am very impressed with the responsiveness of your developer”.
Alistair Sims, System Architect and Business Analyst at TSIBA.

In April of 2019, TSIBA Business School (further abbreviated as TSIBA),
was looking for an integrated ERP business management system
to integrate various business processes in one place. Having conducted an in-depth comparison analysis,
the senior management realized that 1C:Drive ERP-class business management would suit
TSIBA's needs well due to its flexibility and customization abilities - both on the user and developer's side.

TSIBA required a Procurement module to be developed to their specific requirements. 

TSIBA Business School based in Woodstock in Cape Town is an accredited higher education institution.
It offers undergraduate and postgraduate business qualifications as well as
informal short-courses in leadership, entrepreneurship and commerce.

1C Drive ERP for TSIBA

It empowers local youth to get higher education through a pay what you can afford model based on the household income

Leadership, entrepreneurship and self-development strengthen comprehensive
future-focused curricula taught jointly by South African and international academic staff and business experts. (source: https://www.tsiba.ac.za/)

This was a complex development with many stakeholders and business processes that Rise SA Team took on
from RFQ to RFQ response  to approval process on the various levels of TSIBA Business School.

Before 1C:Drive ERP

Prior to 1C:Drive ERP system, TSIBA was using a desktop version of Pastel accounting package
which the organization had outgrown, according to their finance team, and it could no longer fulfill their needs.

After switching over to 1C:Drive ERP

"One of the biggest advantages of 1C:Drive ERP is that we can work from anywhere.
With the whole lockdown and us not seeing it coming, it was definitely one of the biggest benefits for us -
being able to work offsite", Achmat Kazie shares.

The other benefit of the ERP functionality of 1C:Drive ERP is that we can customize
our financial reports to our very specific needs, which is definitely an upgrade from a previous accounting package.

Using 1C:Drive ERP in daily operations

TSIBA is currently using the full accounting functionality: customer invoicing
supplier invoicing, procurement management and asset module.

"Bank reconciliation process is 10% quicker now. We did not have fixed assets on Pastel
and it was a manual process with Excel spreadsheets."

"In terms of processing and daily operations, we are saving between 15% and 20%
timewise compared to the previous system

"Asset module is very good and saves a lot of time. Before we were doing manual journals for Depreciation
which would take us a few hours to reconcile back to the asset register and it was easy to make a mistake".

"Now it takes 1 minute to do the Depreciation for all fixed assets", Achmat Kazie shares his first-hand feedback on the asset module in 1C:Drive ERP.

Download the use case in a PDF format for 1C:Drive ERP implementation at TSIBA Business School.

Contact us to see 1C:Drive ERP in action.

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