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1C:Drive ERP version 1.3.5. is out now with many improvements

Rise SA is an official South African partner of 1C International that is represented in 95 countries with over 7000 partners. 

If you would like to look it up, just go to https://www.1ci.com/find-partner/
Select Africa and scroll down to the bottom. 

Rise SA has been customizing 1C:Drive ERP for a local market. 
Currently used by a prominent Business School, 1C:Drive automates various processes in one system. 

It is exciting to see that 1C:Drive gets improvements regularly from 1Ci partners from various countries.

The most recent version - 1.3.5 - delivers multiple improvements in production management
and planning, supports integration with external document management systems, advanced subcontracting, and other useful features.

1C: Drive 1.3.5: Product and feature highlights

Work in Progress Management tool for production planning:

View, manage, and monitor planned production operations with the new Work in Progress Management tool.
Now you can quickly check the current status of operations, their start and due dates, change the status if necessary and more.

Improved production module

Calculate manufacturing overheads and manage Work in Progress documents created
manually with ease and no effort. With the new production module, both the BOM catalog
and BOM card now contain a hierarchic-structured explosion report that shows
the multi-level BOM structure with quantities of components required at each level.

Advanced subcontracting workflow support

Use the newly added tool for managing subcontracting documents with advanced workflow support.
Now you can easily register orders and monitor statuses of orders issued to subcontractors,
manage them by products, and allocate and analyze costs of finished products received from subcontractors.

EDI framework support

Integrate 1C:Drive with external document management applications
for seamless data exchange with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) framework tool.

Confirmation of arrival

Manage the Confirmation of Arrival documents to keep the proof of export required for applying export VAT rates.
The new tool allows you to quickly send documents to customers for signing,
register scanned copies of documents signed by customers, and monitor their statuses.

Managing Accounting entries

Manage the accounting entries with the newly implemented tool that allows you to view all posted accounting entries,
filter them by status, adjust manually, and approve.

Inventory ownership improvements

Batches are no longer required for specifying the inventory owner. Inventory ownership is now specified automatically upon posting Goods receipts.
In addition, now you can set a rule for dispatching inventory in the Accounting policy.

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