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1C Drive has now got a brand new interface and dynamic business monitor

By Anna Toma, 22 Dec 2017

Marketing Director at Rise SA

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1C Drive, a complete all-in-one business management system of ERP class, has got a new powerful addition to its already strong arsenal of features and modules. It has now an improved interface with visually appealing elements that will allow you to keep track of all your data and customize 1C Drive interface even more to your specific needs.

Apart from the new interface, there is also a new valuable addition. Business Pulse is now part of 1C Drive solution. It is a new dynamic monitor that allows you to track all your orders, sales and profits in real time in a visually interactive way. You will see the Business Pulse on the front page of your software interface. You can choose the diagrams and criteria that you need the most at a click of a button. It all comes down to the fact that you can easily observe the dynamics of your business in real time and with no effort on your part. The diagrams are visually appealing and help you see the current trends of your business.

1C Drive business pulse.png

The interface has several tabs, including current to-dos, quick actions and more.

As part of promotion, 1C International is extending 1C Drive promotion period. You can still claim your free licence for 1C Drive SA until March 2018. 

Contact us to find out more information and ways 1C Drive can help your business to automate and streamline all its processes in one complete solution with ERP functionality and modules. 

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