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[1C:ERP]: a leading UK e-commerce company chooses the Rise SA team as its implementation partner

By the Rise SA Team

Being previously on Quickbooks and other supplier related systems,
there was a strong need for a more flexible and customizable larger system that will bring in all required integrations and operational processes to one system.

The main reason is to have custom integrations done to the company's specs and requirements.
Not having an ability of custom integrations in place was causing a lot of wastage on the bottom-line and company resource side. 

Hence when the company CEO saw that 1C:ERP is flexible in terms
of its customization and integration possibilities, he decided to switch to the 1C:ERP system and chose the Rise SA team as its trusted implementation partner. 

The Rise SA Team has previously implemented ERP-class projects and
hence had all the required capabilities and expertise to make this large and challenging project happen. 

Some highlights of the 1C:ERP system
With over 6000 implemented projects, low TCO and fast implementation rate, the customer made an informed decision to switch to the 1C:ERP with the Rise SA as its implementation partner. 

More details on the 1C:ERP capabilities.

The functional requirements has been completed with a 65-page document as a result of it. 

Currently an integration with Amazon is underway. The dev team is excited and positive about this project and its progress.

Watch this space for more news.

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