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[1C Skills Camp starts on 22 April]: Join today. Develop. Improve the world.

Are you dreaming of creating your own app and making the world a bit better? You can do it with the 1C Skills Camp 2022.

The 1C Skills Camp is a series of online lessons, team-building exercises, and skills competitions for future IT professionals from Africa, Philippines, Morocco, Latin America, Vietnam and other countries across the globe. 

You can gain hands-on experience, explore the 1C:Enterprise platform for rapid development of business applications, and create your own app. And its free of charge. This year it is the third 1C Skills Camp.

Why join?

Become an enterprise application developer in just 5 months.

Explore 1C:Enterprise, a low-code platform for rapid development of 
cloud, desktop and mobile applications.

Challenge yourselves with the real world business tasks.

On April 22, we will open the next Development Basics course. Junior courses. Only those who have signed up will have access to it.

This course has been significantly revised compared to last year, we took into account that many participants have no coding experience, so some of the materials on coding were created from scratch. Also, new practical tasks were added to each module.
Below is a suggested course schedule. Due to the fact that the months of May and June are very busy months for students, so more time is given for study and revision.
Starting Deadline 22-Apr
Development Basics. Junior course:
22-Apr - 13-May

Module 1: 1C Script basics
13-May- 3-Jun

Module 2: Main objects interactions 
3-Jun - 24-Jun

Module 3: Query and Report
24-Jun - 15-Jul

Module 4: Forms development and interface mastering
10-Jul - 24-Jul
Practical task: desktop business application development

Here are more details on the intended program.

Join today and be ahead of the rest!

Learn more about the 1? Skills Camp program and register at 1cskills.com

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