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1st Accountants' Forum on Rise Accounting: feedback & results

by Anna Toma, Rise SA Team

The first Accountants' Forum via Hangouts for professional and chartered Accountants took place on Aug 05. 

The purpose of this forum was to share  what we have recently done on the Bank Feed, 

VAT processing and reports' fronts in Rise Accounting and get the first hand feedback from Accountants.

The outline of the Accountants' Forum is shown below: 

1. We first looked at the Settings: General Settings and Accounting Settings

To be more specific, Rise SA Team has recently customized a VAT submission report and the Bank Feed 

with the VAT processing function, so you can drill down to the source document on the report level.

During the Accountants' Forum, we have looked at how to assign a project, VAT code 

from the Bank Feed; how to keep track of stock on hand and how to submit 

VAT applicable documents for a previous period in a current period.

We had a positive and favourable feedback from experienced

accountants - Professional and Chartered Accountants - 

who have been using different accounting systems.

They like that our system is so user-friendly, allows exporting reports and data easily,

allows drill-down to the source document on ALL

reports in the system and, last but not the least, the level of detail across the board.

Below is the outline of the first Accountants' Forum. We first looked at the Settings - both

General and Accounting Settings. 

We also looked how Settings of print forms can be modified and how easy it is to customize your 

documents towards your needs. 

We have then looked at the Bank Stream and how one can assign, match and split transaction. 

We have also looked at the VAT code in the Bank Stream  and other additions 

that the Bank Stream has in Rise Accounting.

These extra additions allow the users to work from the Bank Stream and allows them to save time by accessing 

everything they need in one place. 

We have looked what the Tax Invoice looks like and how you access the Document Journal in one place 

for a specific customer. 

We looked at the Balance Sheet and how you can drill down to the source document - directly from the Balance Sheet. 

Accountants also liked that Rise Accounting is fully cloud based, which means that all the data is secure and they 

can access everything from any laptop or desktop. 

We looked at the Supplier Invoice and the VAT that is recorded on it.

Thereafter we looked at the VAT submission report and how easy to see all the types of tax 

in one report. 

One of the Accountants who has looked at our report said that our VAT submission report is

by far the best he has seen so far in any accounting system available out there.

As a result of this forum, we are continuing to work with the interested Accountants. 

They will onbaord one of their customers to see Rise Accounting in action and looking to 

partner up with us on an ongoing basis. 

The second Accountants' Forum will take place on Aug 19. Watch this space for more news.

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