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4 factors to consider when doing custom development for your company

In many cases custom development has become a necessity for education providers and companies, in general.
It caters to unique and specific needs of an institution that otherwise cannot be taken into account with the off-the-shelf software solutions.

If done towards specific requirements of a customer, custom development can save hours of time on the employees and management side, improve current processes, streamline the workflow and even achieve goals of increasing the bottom line and customer satisfaction by way of automating the fee collection process, communication with customers and more.

With that said, finding the right software developer can come with some challenges and considerations when finding the right service provider and embarking on this journey.

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More and more companies go for custom development to streamline their business

 1. Global reputation

When a company has a global reputation, it can give a peace of mind to the customer for several reasons.

First of all, it means that the software developer will strive to do a good job as there is more accountability with global companies.

Secondly, they can draw on the global expertise of similar projects.

Thirdly, being part of the global network of companies, a provider can usually access and collaborate with partners in other countries, leveraging off their expertise and knowledge.

This can significantly contribute to the success of the custom development not just in this specific instance but ongoing.

2. Resources of the software development company

2.1 People

Are the developers of the right expertise caliber? Are they experienced with custom development? How many years of development experience do they have under their belt?

2.2 Technological

What does a software development company use when developing? Is the development done just with the inhouse coding efforts or is there a global development platform that takes any development to a whole new level?

2.3 Investment capital

Development is costly and requires a lot of resources. It is good to check if there is an investment capital behind the company you use to do custom development for you.

3. Turnaround time

Is the company going to deliver towards your timeframe and your requirements? This is critical and needs to be communicated in advance to make sure that the development is done on time.

4. Track record of previous custom development projects

How many custom development projects has the company done so far? Were they specific to your industry? Do they deliver what was specified in the requirements?

The above questions can help one to make a well informed decision when deciding to go for custom development.

If you require custom development at your institution, contact the Rise SA team. Developing on a powerful 1C:Enterprise platform that was awarded a 2020 Frontrunner by Gartner, the Rise SA team is able to develop fast, efficiently and towards customer specific requirements.

The Rise SA track record speaks for itself with a full customization done for education providers both for the one-stop system and the ERP-class system.

Would you like to talk to our team? Feel free to email info@risebiz.co.za 

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