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A Forum for colleges and education providers on May 18

We would like to to invite your Financial Manager, Managing Director, 

Operations Manager and System Architect to the upcoming Forum

for colleges and education providers at 10h00 on Tuesday, May 18.

A Forum for colleges and education providers on the 1C:Drive ERP-class system

Being innovators and collaborators on the software front, 

the Rise SA Team has developed a one-stop solution 

for colleges and schools that covers crucial

processes - from finances to asset- and procurement management

- in one cloud-based system, saving them time and resources.

A guest speaker Achmat Kazie, the Financial Manager

at the TSIBA Business School will do an overview and

a live demo in 1C:Drive, an ERP-class system customized

towards the requirements of local education providers.

TSIBA has been empowering South African youth to get a higher education 

degree and other educational services at affordable rates using a unique scholarship model.

The Agenda is as follows: 

10.00 - 10.30 - How TSIBA has been using 1C:Drive for its daily operations:

                        Overview of suppliers/customers and invoicing;

                        Custom development: procurement management;

                        Reporting by business units and departments;

                        Bank stream - allocations, bank recon; 

                        Asset register and its ease of use.

10.30 - 11.00 - Feedback exchange and Q&A session

What:     A Forum for colleges and education providers

When:    10h00-11h00 on Tuesday, May 18

Who:      CEO, Managing Director, Financial Manager, Operations Manager and System Architect   

Where:   Zoom (we will email you the link upon your confirmation)

Why:       Details in the agenda above.

Here is a use case on how TSIBA uses 1C:Drive in their financial and other processes.

1C:Drive is built on the award winning 1C:Enterprise platform - a 2020 Frontrunner by

Gartner, the worlds' leading software advisory.

If you would like to attend, just pop an email at info@risebiz.co.za

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