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An important 2021 update on Rise School Management and 1C Skills Camp

By the Rise SA team

The Rise SA team hopes that you are keeping well in these changing and challenging times. 

As we move to the Level 1 Lockdown, there is hope for renewed growth on many fronts.

I trust that this update will find you well just after the school holiday.

The Rise SA Team hopes that you had a good break and rested well.

From our side, we remain committed and dedicated to providing

the best possible service to schools empowering them with one

cloud school-specific system, assisting with ongoing system and

accounting upskillment, general and technical support.

This is a list of points covered in this update.

1. How to learn to code with 1C:Enterprise and a paid internship opportunity.

2. How to become a Rise SA partner.

3. A "how an 043-Form and a budget work in RSM" course on Oct 28

4. Advertising banners on the Rise Communicator app.

5. New system developments - from 043-form to statements.

6. More exciting updates. Feel free to check them out below.

1C:Enterprise in a nutshell

As you probably know, 1C:Enterprise - a development platform that the Rise SA

team uses - won a sought-after award - 2020 FrontRunner by Gartner,

a world renowned software advisory. More details can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Become a developer with 1C Skills Camp

Software development is one of the critical skills for youth to acquire in our day and age. 1C Skills Camp is a free development training program for students.

It helps to take the first steps as a developer using 1C:Enterprise.

During the camp, participants will learn how to create web, desktop,

and mobile business applications.

As they progress, they will build their own app that can handle

typical business needs. At the final stage, they will present their app

in a competition among the camp participants.

Winners will get money prizes as well as tech and marketing

support to promote their apps to their local markets.

More details on fantastic opportunity can be viewed by clicking on this link.

A one-year paid internship opportunity with the Rise SA Team

For students who will successfully complete the 1C Skills Camp training

can apply for a paid-for internship for the period of one year with the Rise SA Team.

Students with good academic standing who are studying towards their Bachelor

degrees from a 2nd year onwards can apply.

The Rise SA Partnership program

Did you know that there is a partnership program for

accounting, school-specific and ERP solutions?

Learn more details by clicking on this link.

A "How an 043-Form and a budget work in RSM" course on Oct 28

We are excited to share that a "how a 043-Form and budget work in RSM"

work will be held on Oct 28. This course has proved to be helpful and empowers

schools to gain a great understanding how a chart of accounts, budget and

the 043-form work hand-in-hand, as well as practical ways of avoiding mistakes in the 043-Form.

More details will be communicated closer to the time of the course.

Advertising banners on the Communicator

This functionality is currently in development. It will empower

schools to advertise their community initiatives and businesses.

More details will follow in the next couple of months. Watch this space :)

New system developments - #simpler_life_for_schools

1. An exciting new development for schools to simplify their 043-Form submission.

Schools have requested it - we've developed it.

Bursars can drill down to any category down to every transaction in the actual 043-Form report.

More details can be viewed by clicking on this link.

2. Family codes can be added to statements.

More details can be viewed by clicking on this link.

3. Service description added for Invoices and Statements.

More details can be viewed by clicking on this link.

4. IMPORTANT: Treatment of Debit Opening Balances

More details can be viewed by clicking on this link.

5. A functionality of emailing to multiple contacts is in progress

and coming close to its conclusion. Watch this space for an update.

Recent School Forums

A School Forum with Immaculata HS on Sep 15

A School Forum with the Star of the Sea Convent School on May 26

A School Forum with South Peninsula HS on June 23

A School Forum on Aug 25

Feedback from schools

Being new in the bursar's role, Mrs Shannon Maus from Immaculata HS

has found the Rise system "user friendly and helpful'.

A full interview can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Being closely involved in onboarding and training at the start of 2021,

Alexia from Gaia Waldorf School shares her feedback on RSM.

Andrea from Star of the Sea Convent School shares her feedback

on her journey with RSM.

A recent Administration Training

The Administration training went well. Great engagement and discussions.

There were two parts to the training: a system training and practical implementation.

We looked at 4 components of a positive change: open mind, people, resources, processes. Thank you all for attending this training.

World Teacher's Day on the 5th of October

On the 5th of October is World Teacher's Day. Congratulations

to all teachers who put themselves out there

to provide children with good education, guidance and help them realize

their sense of self-worth and purpose with respect for others. Thank you for all you do.

New additions to the Rise SA Team - support for schools

For any software system support is of critical importance for our valuable customers.

As you all know, we have three-fold support:

Accounting support from an experienced Accountant

who does onboarding, an initial applied training with schools and ongoing support and upskillment.

General support

Technical support

Many of you noted that having accounting support on the ongoing basis is of great value for Finance and Administration Staff.

As most of you know, Lonwabo joined the Rise SA Team in July this year. He has proved himself as a dedicated, helpful and focused individual.

Many of you have had interactions with Lonwabo on the support front.

We are excited to have him onboard as part of the Rise SA Team.

POPIA compliance

The Rise SA Team follows all the required protocols in terms

of data security and protection. In light of the POPIA Act coming

into effect from July 01, Here is an update

that includes a privacy policy and more details on the

Rise solutions security.

The Rise SA Team member makes a difference in a community

One of the Rise SA Team members has joined a great initiative to

empower the youth from challenging communities. Watch this space

for more details.

Rewinding to Dec of 2020

Last year was full of exciting innovative developments and many of you

were part of this one-of-a-kind journey of making RSM a truly school-specific

system in a cloud with the best technical, ongoing support,

system and accounting upskilment with the ongoing active collaboration with Schools.

During Dec 2020, Rise SA Dev wizards were providing support to schools even while being on leave.

Some feedback from one of the Schools:

"Thank you to the developer for his assistance.

I greatly appreciated it because I would not have been able

to wait till this week for assistance and I know you all on leave.

Thank you very much for your assistance I really appreciate it, and very happy we back online again", Jolene Andrews, Finance Officer, Excelsior PS

It is a bit hard to believe that this year is coming to a close with two-and-a-half months

left before its end. We trust that you are all safe and healthy.

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions or any input.

To learn more about Rise School Management, visit riseschoolmanagement.co.za

For more details on Rise Accounting, visit riseaccounting.co.za

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