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Become a developer with 1C Skills Camp

This is an exciting opportunity for students who are interested in acquiring development
skills and building a sought-after expertise. Read on to find out more. 

End of last year 1C:Enterprise - a development platform that the Rise SA
team uses - won a sought-after award. Nominated as a 2020 FrontRunner by Gartner,
a world renowned software advisory, the platform empowers to build
desktop and mobile applications. More details can be viewed by clicking on this link.

1C:Enterprise is a low-code platform for rapid development of cloud, desktop and mobile applications.
Now youth and students can get first-hand training on how to develop on it 
at no cost!

Become a developer with the 1C Skills Camp training

With software development being one of the critical skills for youth to acquire in our day and age,
1C Skills Camp opportunity is not just exciting but relevant in our day and age.
It empowers students to grow professionality and become sought after experts in software development.

1C Skills Camp is a development training for youth that they can make use of at no cost.
All they will need is a computer with an Internet connection. Training is 100% online but also includes
a mentor's support and live meetings. This ensures that training is successful and
participants can get the necessary support and guidance.

1C Skills Camp
1C Skills Camp empowers students to become great at development 

It will help them to take their first steps as real developers using 1C:Enterprise.
During the camp, participants will learn how to create web, desktop,
and mobile business applications. 

As they progress, they will build their own app that can handle typical business needs.
At the final stage, they will present their app in a competition among the camp participants.
Winners will get money prizes as well as tech and marketing support to promote
their apps to their local markets.

A one-year paid internship opportunity with the Rise SA Team
For students who will successfully complete the 1C Skills Camp training can get
a paid for internship for the period of 1 year with the Rise SA Team.
Bachelor students or 2nd year students with good academic achievements will qualify.

What participants can win 
Not only can participants get free training in development, there are some great prizes on offer.
Cash prizes, exciting employment opportunities with 1C companies and 
more. Participants can also take part in the 1C World Skills competition.

From 1C Skills Camp to the 1C World Skills competition
Now we are talking. Show your strength and compete with the youth
from all over the world. Have fun and grow your skills.

Find out more about the 1C:Enterprise platform.

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