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[Bitrix 24]: Rise SA Business Solutions is an official local partner of Bitrix24 in South Africa

By Anna Toma, 23 July 2018 Marketing Director at Rise SA 
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We are an official local partner of Bitrix24 in South Africa

We are excited to share that Rise SA Business Solutions is an official local partner of Bitrix24 in South Africa. Being a system integrator and a software developer, we are well equipped for this partnership. Bitrix24 is a collaborative platform with CRM, internal communication platform, full-on task & project management, live chat support & a website builder and more. 
Key facts on Bitrix 24

It is a global company being available in over 12 languages and having 300 servers with 14 datacenters worldwide. Rise SA Business Solutions currently uses Bitrix24 for its own internal communication & collaboration purposes between different divisions and departments. 

It is easy-to-use and intuitive for users. It has all the tools for an instant communication & collaboration between different staff members. Bitrix24 is available both in a cloud and on-premise. 

Bitrix24 has over 3 million organizations who have so far signed up with them, including government & non-profit organisations, municipalities & universities, among others. 

Best CRM software of 2017

According to pcmag.com, Bitrix24 was chosen as a best CRM software of 2017.

In a cloud & on-premise

As an official local partner, we will assist you with hosting of the on-premise version on our safe and secure servers. We will also assist you with a seamless integration of Bitrix24 with other apps and software. We can also integrate Rise Accounting with Bitrix24, depending on your specific requirements and needs.

Bitrix24 pricing models

In terms of Bitrix24 pricing models, it has no per user pricing. Its pricing is per account. This makes a big difference for companies with a large amount of users. 

They have a free plan for SMMEs, which includes a free CRM with a 5GB storage space. 

There are also 3 other paid plans with various options for a bigger storage space and a more comprehensive collection of business tools

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