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Get a Free Licence for 1C Drive SA until March 2018

By Anna Toma, 22 Dec 2017

Marketing Director at Rise SA

For comments or questions, email to anna.toma@risebiz.co.za

1C Drive SA is a powerful ERP-class business management solution offering high-level features for automating processes in mid-sized companies. 

1C Drive SA has been developed by various international subsidiaries under 1C International. All the expertise of over 26 years from developing over 1500 applications went into 1C Drive SA and it’s constantly getting improved on and perfected.

As part of the solution promotion, 1C International offers a free license for 1C Drive SA. Claim your free license until March 2018.

1C Drive SA functionality includes sales management and CRM, purchasing and warehousing, finance management and bookkeeping, HR&Payroll, manufacturing and KPI management.

Recently, 1C Drive SA has got a new interface with further abilities to customize and track your sales, orders & profitability in real time. Business Pulse – a dynamic business tracking system – has been added on to the 1C Drive functionality.

Contact us to find out more information and ways 1C Drive can help your business to automate and streamline all its processes in one complete solution with ERP functionality and modules. 

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