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How York Road Primary School got 80% of parents onto the Rise Communicator

How York Road Primary got 80% of parents onto RSC within 2 months

"Easy to use. Simple interface. As a software developer myself, I would
recommend this app", Warren Louw, School Ops Manager, York Road Primary.

It's important to regularly post News, Updates and Events on the Communicator for parents to 
see that School is active on this front and for more parents to want to join to be in the know. 

Some of Schools have been actively posting Covid-19 awareness updates, which can be crucial 
in creating a good awareness among parents on it in helping to stop the spread. 

Tips from Warren on how to get 80% of parents onto RSC within 2 months:

"To get users on-board:

My approach was to simplify the Play Store look-up process for the Rise School Communicator App, and

To deliver the link in a simple manner to the parent.

Method to get the users on-board:

1 – I created a bitly link to the Rise School Communicator App (this also helped me to monitor progress)

2 – After I posted an event or news article on the Communicator, I would also create a little WhatsApp (as below) 

on the staff WhatsApp group. Each teacher would forward the Parent WhatsApp 

to their parent classroom groups. (PS these WhatsApp parent groups will fall away at a later stage)


Parent WhatsApp:

Grades R - 3 Assessment Week Notice - posted on the Rise School Communicator


Please download and install the Rise School communicator.

1. Click - https://bit.ly/RiseSchoolCom for the google Play Store app or

2. Go to the "App Store",

2. Type in “Rise School Communicator" and follow the prompts.

Instruction WhatsApp to teachers:

Good morning Grade R - 3 teachers

Please forward ???? the WhatsApp on your parent groups.

Thank you.

It works to a saturation point. In our case, the next step is to load the children (link children to parents) 

and then see who has not joined by child i.e. all unlinked children would be for the follow-up process."

If your School would like to try out the above approach that has worked well for York Road Primary, 

you would need to create your own Bit.ly link or, alternatively, use these links for downloading: 

http://risebiz.co.za/android or http://risebiz.co.za/ios

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