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[June-Sep 2021]: A Rise SA partnership update

Here is a partner's update for June-Sep 2021. Happy reading.

Another exciting School Forum is taking place next week on on Sep 16.
Just hit a reply button, if you would like more details.

School Forum is a good way to invite your schools to attend
who might be interested to see RSM in action.

On the partners' front. New partners join in.

Blazor Systems comes onboard as the Rise SA partner

Priscilla Ambrose, the founder of Blazor Systems, came onboard
as the Rise SA Partner earlier in June. Having been a partner of other providers,
she could quickly see the value of joining in as the Rise SA partner.
Two accounting firms with 8 users have come onboard and are using Rise Accounting.

The Rise SA development wizards
The Rise SA Team has developed the Getting started tool for Rise Accounting -
a comprehensive import tool for our partners and customers.
Currently the Rise SA Team is making custom developments for SST and other aspects
of the system towards Blazor systems' partners' and customers' requirements.
Read on for more details.

A new partner from Gauteng comes onboard.
Mr K. Monosi has gone through the RSM system's ins and outs, in order to present to schools
in Gauteng. He is currently making appointments with the Gauteng schools
to present the system to them. Read on for more details.

On the school's front. First hand feedback from RSM schools.
School Forums on Rise School Management
School Forum with Bursar, Star of the Sea Convent School on Aug 11
Bursar shares her first hand feedback on the RSM and how it assists her school.
Having been previously on Pastel, Staffroom and D6, they made an informed decision
to switch to the one-stop system - RSM to have all data in one system. Here is her feedback
on the 3 things that stand out for her in RSM.

First hand from Bursar of Malibu High School who started using the Rise system from March of this year.

The Rise SA team's commitment to partners
Our commitment as the Rise SA team to partners and customers
From our side, we remain committed and dedicated to providing the best possible service
to Schools, colleges and our partners on the software front, technical support, training and accounting upskillment.

We are excited to have you as part of this one-of-a-kind journey of making RSM a truly school-specific system
in a cloud with the best technical, ongoing support, system and accounting upskilment
with the ongoing active collaboration with Schools and our partners.

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