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[Rise School Management]: Four School Forums done and dusted

By Anna Toma, 18 July 2018 Marketing Director at Rise SA For comments or questions, email to anna.toma@risebiz.co.za

If you follow our news at riseaccounting.co.za, you have probably seen that Rise Accounting Team had started a new endeavour for local Schools, namely School Forums. The idea came about as local schools have a lot on their plate in terms of the day-to-day running.

To be more specific, many of them face a few challenges in accounting, invoicing, reporting and learner management. That is why Achmat Kazie, the main mastermind behind Rise School Management, started hosting School Forums as a collaborative platform for Principals & Admin Forums with a focus on addressing the above-mentioned challenges. Below you can see how nicely School Forums have been gaining popularity.

1st School Forum: 6 participants 5 schools
2nd School Forum: 7 participants 3 schools
3rd School Forum: 12 attendees, 7 schools
4th School Forum: 20 attendees, 10 schools

So far we have had 45 attendees from 25 different schools. This is a great achievement considering that it's still early days since we have launched School Forums. Thanks to Achmat's top-notch expertise in accounting, invoicing & more, our School Forums have quickly gained trust and respect from Principals & Admin Staff from local schools. The reason being is that it allows them to improve their competencies in different aspects of Schools' day-to-day operations.

Our 5th School Forum that is planned to take place on July 31 from 10.00 till 11.00 am at TSiBA in Pinelands. It will be dedicated to our Launch of Rise School Communicator. It is a school-parent communication platform that allows Schools to communicate with parents at the click of a button. In celebration of Mandela's Centennial anniversary, we decided to make it available to Schools at no cost. More on it to come. Watch this space.

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