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[Success Story]: Rise School Management

Achmat Kazie, Rise SA Business Development Director, and the Principle of one of the primary schools in Cape Town discussed the ways of optimizing their current manual Excel accounting. Achmat could immediately see how Rise Accounting can automate their time-consuming manual capture of invoices, expenses, customer statements and reports for the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Rise Accounting for Schools 1.png

Rise School Management: many schools in Cape Town need a customised solution for their accounting and invoicing needs

Interestingly, all schools in South Africa are required to submit a Quarterly report to the WCED using a predefined template called "Form 043".

During the meeting, Achmat established the school requirements:

1.    Quarterly WCED report

2.    Automated student billing

3.    Bank integration

4.    2 users

5.    Move to a paperless work environment

6.    Implementation and user training by January 2018

Rise SA developers are now busy customising Rise School Management to make it relevant for schools’ specific needs and requirements.

Rise Accounting for Schools 2.png

Rise School Management: a customisable accounting solution that is developed for schools in South Africa

Besides Bank Integration & automatic Student Billing, Rise School Management will also include Sales, Purchases, Accounting, Projects, basic Inventory features.

The school staff looks forward to using Rise School Management that will streamline and automate their invoicing, inventory and other essential processes.

Rise SA Business Solutions is an official 1C partner. We will tailor-make a solution to your business needs and requirements. Contact us on our Live Chat or by phone.

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