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[Rise Communicator]: How Schools use Rise Communicator and how much they save per annum

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team

Many Schools have problems with communication with parents.
Owning up to this problem and rectifying it is a road to success. 

See below how Rise Communicator can assist schools with communicating 

to all parents at once in an engaging, fun and reliable way. 

Rise School Communicator enables Schools to be in touch with parents on the regular basis.

Your School can post Letters from Principal / Educators, e-learning resources, school curriculum resources.

Create channels by class, grade or subject & post channel-specific updates. PDFs can be attached.

With the Communicator, your School Staff will be able to create at a click:
  • Timetables for various classes/grades;
  • Exam schedules;
  • Any important updates re changes at your School;
  • Principals' Letters - attach PDF(-s) to your post;
  • Event updates - create Events in the Calendar;
  • Resources - post links or PDFs.
You can attach as many PDFs as you like.

Create channel-specific communication for grades. This matters esp. during the lockdown.
Post homework for a specific grade, post Letters from Principals, post e-learning resources, 
information on the lockdown, schools' plan to open, school fees and more. 

Your savings with the Rise School Communicator:
Schools will save at least R12K on paper per year. 
If you use an SMS bundle, you will save at least R10K per year 

 Below is an example of what parents will see on the Communicator:  


At the bottom of each post, Schools can see how many parents have read this post. 

More benefits of using Rise Communicator for Schools: 
1. When parents download the app, they submit their name, surname, phone & email. For your School,
it means that you will get the most recent parents' emails & cell phone numbers.

2. Your Admin Staff & Educators can also create Incidents, Detention Letters & Absenteeism records 
both on mobile & desktop. This is part of the Rise School Administration package.

3. Your School will be trained by Rise SA Team on how to use the Communicator via Hangouts,
so you can even do it from any where. All you need is Internet & a Chrome Browser.

A few Schools switch to Rise Communicator from the sms bundle. 
SMS bundles are pricey and have a limit on characters. Some Schools report that
sending smses creates more questions than answers, as due to the shortness of a message
parents interpret it differently.
Rise Communicator eliminates all the above problems.

4. During the training, school Admin Staff createa News post, Channels (grades),
an event in a calendar and more. 

Now your school  can create engaging & targeted communication with parents at all times.
Read on more at riseschoolmanagement.co.za

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