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[Rise SA Business Solutions]: our story & achieved milestones in 2018

by Anna Toma, Marketing @ Rise SA Business Solutions

New venue - new opportunities

The year 2018 was an exciting adventure for the Rise SA Team with a number of promising developments and achievements. Last year in April we moved from our previous office premises at the Blackriver Park in Observatory to our new venue at TSiBA (Tertiary School in Business Administration) located in Pinelands, Cape Town. This has allowed us to get access to a larger networking space and a number of other strategic advantages. It played a crucial role in our business activities that we undertook in 2018. 

Our strengths and offering

As you probably know, Rise SA Business Solutions is an official 1C International partner in South Africa. We are both software developers and system integrators. All our solutions are built on the 1C Enterprise platform. The latter enables us to customize our solutions to the industry-specific requirements at least 2x faster than existing players on the market.

The global network of 1Ci partners 

1Ci partners - with Rise SA being one of them - are currently making their mark in the Western, Eastern and Central Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. With over 6000 partners worldwide, 1C International is serious about its global impact & expansion into new countries.

1Ci's global presence, sourced at https://www.1ci.com/company

Rise SA Business Solutions develops, distributes and supports 1C licenced accounting & business management solutions. We have developed Rise Accounting, a fully-fledged accounting package with the bank feed integration with the four major South African banks, accounting & reporting, sales & purchasing & inventory modules.

1C Drive BMS & its happy customer

1C Drive BMS is a business management system with the ERP functionality that was tailor-made for the SMME specific requirements. We are excited to share our achievement with you. TSiBA Ignition Academy, a newly formed entity as part of TSiBA Education, chose 1C Drive BMS for its strategic and day-to-day operations. 

We are currently at a concluding stage of the functional requirements stage and started working on the development of their unique CRM and Learner Management requirements.

TSiBA Ignition Academy becomes a valued customer of the 1C Drive BMS

Rise School Management came into being

Early 2018 our Business Development Director, Achmat Kazie, was approached by a government school in Cape Town. This has marked a new chapter for Rise SA Business Solutions. An all-in-one school specific solution - Rise School Management came into being. Rise School Management became our signature product with a few exciting developments. 

Why Rise School Management?

Rise School Management has accounting, batch invoicing, learner man't & a school-parent communicator. It is an all-in-one with personal support & constant improvement of our software based on the Schools' feedback.

Schools that use our software are saving time, man hours & were able to eliminate errors & mistakes in student records and more. 

Thanks to the Rise School Management solution, Schools get to experience what an instant access to all their accounting data means. 


As you can see, Rise School Management has all your bases covered if you are looking for an all-in-one software solution for your School.

School Forums launched in May, 2018

School Forums were founded as part of the Rise School Management's undertakings. It was established as a collaborative platform for local government schools to address some of their challenges in accounting, invoicing, learner management and others. 

From May 2018 till Nov 2018 we hosted nine School Forums for local schools at TSiBA in Pinelands. What started from humble beginnings has quickly grown into a fantastic & valuable initiative that would not only facilitate sharing on the current schools' challenges but also provide in-demand training in accounting practices and principals. 

Over 140 attendees - Principals & Admin Staff - from 86 government schools in the Western Cape attended our School Forums in 2018. 

Here is some feedback from our School Forums' attendees that you can look through.

"Encouraging to know that the program has greater potential," - Charlene Litte, Principal, Vista High School.
"Something new & interesting, if it, as said, will make data capturing of pupils easier", - Fareeda Naidoo, Assistant Bursar, Westerford High School.
"Good initiative," - Leon Moser, Business Manager, Rustenburg Girls' Junior School.
" Empowering", "drawing a bigger picture"; "will be good if there will be more training." - J.V. Ndima, Finance Officer, Noxolo Xauka Primary.
"Informational", "professionally delivered", - Lucille Davids, Finance manager; Carel Du Toit Center/Trust.
"Very informative", - Linda Africa (Deputy Principal), Windermere Primary.

We thank all the schools that came to our School Forums for the great engagement and participation last year. 

Join our Facebook group with more details on School Forums & the Rise School Management developments.

Financial Training for non-financial professionals 

As part of our School Forums, the 8th and the 9th School Forums were dedicated to the Financial Training for non-financial professionals. This was a great success. 17 attendees from 12 schools came to our 8th School Forum. 22 attendees - Admin Staff -  from 12 Schools attended our 9th School Forum. There were a lot of interested schools so due to the limited space, we had to put them on our waiting list. The next training will take place early 2019.

Based on the invaluable feedback we got from schools, a new chapter started for Rise SA Business Solutions and its Team in May 2018.

Rise School Communicator is launched

Not even two months later - in July 18, 2018 - Rise School Communicator was launched thanks to the concerted efforts that were made by our developers and Rise SA Team overall.

Rise School Communicator is a school-parent communicator that enables Schools to keep learners' parents up to date at a click of a button. It is safe, secure and convenient for both schools and parents. Parents can download the app on their Android and iOS smartphones in seconds. 

a free school-parent communicator
Rise School Communicator in a nutshell

Rise School Communicator is a LIGHT version of Rise School Management, an all-in-one school specific solution. It comes at no cost to schools. Each school gets a unique link and a unique password and can get started immediately with updating its news, events, resources and contacts.

Direct messaging in the Rise School Communicator 

Thanks to the great efforts of our cool developers, this has also become a reality towards the end of 2018. 

Parents are now able to privately send messages directly to the Schools staff. This features has a lot of potential for Schools, as any questions or queries that parents have relating to the learner's behavior, finances or general concerns can be communicated directly with the School.

Rise School Management's customers 

We have over 35 schools on the LIGHT version of the Rise School Management. Rise School Communicator enables schools to update parents at a click of a button with all the news, updates and developments. 

The following schools signed up last year for the PRO version of the Rise School Management solution. 

Silverlea Prim.
St. Paul'S Prim. 
Vanguard Prim.
Northpine Primary School.

We had a great 2018 with many exciting developments and achieved milestones. 2019 should be even more exciting and impactful in terms of the Rise School Management solution making its mark in South Africa and more schools signing up with Rise School Management. We are also excited about developing new functionality and features based on the feedback we constantly receive from Schools.

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