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[Rise School Communicator]: Rise SA Business Solutions launches Rise School Communicator

By Anna Toma, 24 July 2018 Marketing Director at Rise SA For comments or questions, email to anna.toma@risebiz.co.za We've got some really great and exciting news to share. This will change the way Schools communicate with parents and inform them of all the updates & news. Read on to find out more exciting details. As you know, Rise Accounting Team has started School Forums as part of the Rise School Management endeavours. So far we have had 4 School Forums with 45 attendees from 25 schools in the Western Cape. The purpose of the School Forums is for schools to share on and address pertinent to local schools issues on accounting, invoicing and learner management. During our School Forum we got feedback from Schools which has led to us to develop our new exciting Rise School Communicator. 

Rise School Communicator

Welcome screen of Rise School Communicator mobile app

Rise School Communicator is a School-Parent platform for Schools to keep their learners' parents informed of all the news & updates. For Schools, it means being able to communicate with parents easily and promptly from the Rise Accounting interface. For parents, it is a matter of going to the Google Play Store and downloading the app. Rise SA Business Solutions is a software developer & a system integrator. If your school needs an all-in-one solution with accounting, invoicing, learner management & school-parent communication platform, contact us at info@risebiz.co.za or give us a call at 021 180 4787

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