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[Rise School Management]: a live School Forum at Parow High School on Nov 18

In the last 2 months two more schools have come aboard onto Rise School Management, 
an all-in-one school management system for schools. 

The onboarding is in progress: the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre in Parow
the Star of the Sea Convent School, St James. 

St. Augustine's RC Primary School has also recently come aboard onto the Rise Administration package.
Onboarding in progress.

Parow High School and Florida High School use Rise Communicator
for all their communication with parents (News/Events/Channels/Contacts). 

Having held all of the School Forums remotely over Hangouts or Zoom, 
it was time to have the offline School Forums as well. 

It is exciting that the face-to-face School Forum will take place on Nov 18 at Parow High School.
All the available seats have been filled in and gone over in terms of the number of attendees.

Parow High School is currently using Rise Communicator to
communicate with parents at once at a click of a button.

rise school management, an all-in-one school management system

The next School Forum - the last one for 2020 - will take place on Nov 25. The seats are filling up quickly.

The agenda is as follows:

1) Guest speakers:

Leslie Isaacs, Debtors' Bursar at South Peninsula High School,

Debbie Timm, Finance Officer at South Peninsula High School:

"Our journey with Rise School Management, all-in-one for schools";

2) How to input Learner Data and generate Class Lists with the CEMIS-import tool;

3) How to use Finance Module and assign transactions and see it in real time in the automated 043-Form;

4) How to input an approved budget and pull the Budget Planned vs Actual;

5) New functionality: Marks module: how to generate Grade Average, Merit List, Symbol Distribution;

6) How to inform parents at once with the School Communicator, keep track of Absenteeism 
and Incidents; Enrollments and email parents via Bulk Mailing;

7) Onboarding and training in the Rise system.

To see how RSM addresses Schools' challenges, visit riseschoolmanagement.co.za

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