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[RSM Update#24]: a new training course in RSM on Oct 15

Last time we touched on the new training course that our Team has been 
working on for the past few months. If you have missed a 
Weekly Update#23, you will find it by clicking here.

Some of you were getting excited and were asking about it in the Weekly Meetings. 

The new practical training course "How an 043-Form and an approved budget work in RSM" 
is practical and relevant for Schools that work in RSM. 

This new course is based on the Rise SA's Team practical experience of working 
with various government schools and applying schools' specifics related 
to 043-form and budget processes in the Rise system. 

It is a one-day course that connects Chart of Accounts, 043-form report, 
the budget, Budget Planned vs Actual in a practical way.

Bursars will be empowered to structure, revise and deepen their understanding of 
how the 043-Form and Budget get applied in RSM, 
starting with the first building block - Chart of Accounts.

We will also go through the possible mistakes that can arise and reflect in the 043-Form.
We will also look at how to avoid and rectify them.

Below is an action plan of the upcoming course on Oct 15:

1. You will modify a Chart of Accounts (COA) template and upload it into the system. 
2. You will create 043-Form entries and keep track of their order. 
3.You will map each account from the COA to an 043-Form.
4. You will create the budget in the Rise system. 
5. You will allocate income and expense transactions in the Bank Stream with an 
immediate reflection in the 043-Form.
6. You will learn of the possible mistakes that can arise and reflect in the 043-Form
and ways of avoiding and rectifying them.

It's a one-day course that will be held via Hangouts. Video recording will be made 
so you can refer back to it in the future and refresh your learnings.
It includes a detailed manual, a presentation and
a supervision of an Accountant. Plus we will provide you with all the templates and 
the training infobase for the course.

We have only one date currently for existing schools - Oct 15
at 10h00-15h00. Space is limited as we can only take 6 attendees, 
so that you get an individual attention.

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