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[RSM Update#25]: attendees' feedback, "that was phenomenal"

Rise School Management is a school specific cloud system for schools with
three options to choose from for schools.

Last time we touched on the agenda and the action plan of the recent training:
"How an 043-Form and an approved budget work in RSM". By clicking here you
can view RSM Update#24.

We have received great feedback from all the attendees of this training course.

It was encouraging to see that, as a result of this training, attendees have improved
their understanding of the 043-Form on a granular level and how it connects with the approved budget,
the Chart of Accounts and approved transactions. Attendees were also trained on how to spot possible
mistakes that can arise and distort the 043-Form - and, more importantly, how to fix them.

In addition, the training served as a platform for knowledge & feedback exchange among
Bursars on the 043-Form challenges, adhering to the WCED 043-guidelines and applying them in the Rise system.

Here is the first-hand feedback from the course attendees:

1. All 7 course attendees gave the course the highest rating 5. (on a scale from 1 to 5).
2. All 7 course attendees would recommend it to schools who struggle with the 043-Form.
3. "Please describe your overall impression of today's training".
Edeon Wyngaard, Principal, Firgrove Primary: "I learnt a lot and will definitely be more confident with the O43 and budget."

Debbie Timm, Bursar, South Peninsula High: "I got into the swing as the day progressed. I do feel a bit more competent with regards to
the 043 and the chart of accounts and this was probably
the best time to run this course as schools get to do their budgets."

Nastasha Fourie, Bursar, Koos Sadie Primary: "Great learning experience".

Leslie Isaacs, Bursar, South Peninsula High: "The training was executed very well and
Natassja was very patient and ensured that we understood the content."

Michelle Lekay, Bursar, De Kuilen Primary: "Very insightful and user friendly. My training objectives & expectations
has been met. Definitely added great value and boosted my confidence."

Jolene Andrews, Bursar, Excelsior Primary: "Beneficial".

More feedback from Michelle Lekay, Bursar, De Kuilen:
"Thank you for the training. It was really a value add and very insightful. It was nice to engage with other Bursars
that go through similar pains, struggles and joys. I felt good in a sense that sure oh yeah I know a bit more because of
the challenges we had. I could add more value in that way. That was phenomenal.
Thank you so much for encouraging me to join. The exciting part is that this specific training and all the documents used,
the live infobase are still available because I would then use that now in this week and then use the same training to
enlighten Clariska and Simone so that they also understand it. And that is awesome because me using this infobase and
demonstrating will also speak and address my competency. Thank you for this opportunity."
Here is Michelle's feedback in an audio format.
Sharing this feedback with Michelle's permission.

Upon the training completion, attendees answered questions on the course content and the taught principles.
It is an important part of learning to see that one can answer these questions
on the 043-form principles applied in RSM after completing the course.

Here are the questions.
1. Can a chart of accounts have accounts with the same code?
2. Are income and expenses part of a balance sheet?
3. When importing a budget into the system, which document should be used to make sure it is correct?
4. What should be the net income or loss in your budget report?
5. What is your base document when creating the 043 entries?
6. What happens when 1 account is mapped to 2 entries in the 043
7. Can an expense account be mapped to an 043 entry in your WCED 043 report?
8. Is the 043 report cash basis or accrual basis?
9. When using bank stream in RSM,
how will you deal with payments made by the school in order to reflect correctly in the 043?

Having completed the 043-form and the budget course, attendees were able to answer most of
the questions correctly, with only 1 or 2 mistakes at most.

If you have not done the training, you can attempt answering them too.
If you see that you don't get half of them right, perhaps it is worth considering doing the course.
We have one last date in 2020 - Nov 04.

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