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[RSM Update#27]: learner data, Google Forms, another HS joins; live School Forums at Parow HS

Last time we looked at the Gartner's award of 1C:Enterprise; primary 
and high schools joining the RSM; the marks module and more. 
For more details view Weekly Update#26.

Learner Data in RSM: 
During our Weekly Meetings, we were showing how Schools can customize 
the Learner Data look and columns on their side. 
Schools can hide the columns they do not need and add in the ones they need at a few clicks.  
School-> Learner Data -> More Actions -> Change form (at the bottom) -> Untick columns
you don't need (the left hand side of the pop up window) -> Click on OK

Google Forms and RSM:
Google Forms is a great tool for obtaining info from a group of people in one spreadsheet.
It reduces the amount of paper, errors and speeds up the learners'/guardians' records update
for Admin Staff and Bursars. That is why we have integrated Google Spreadsheets with RSM. 

Some Schools have set up beautiful forms to get updated records from parents and 
posted it on the Communicator. Parents can open Google Forms on their phones and fill in the 
required details. Schools can access ALL info in ONE spreadsheet. 

One more High School joins an all-in-one for schools, RSM: 
Malibu High School has made a well thought-through decision of switching to RSM. Having
attended a few of the School Forums via Hangouts and a live School Forum in Parow, they
decided to come aboard. Welcome to the Rise family of Schools. 

Offline School Forums at Parow High School in Nov: 

During the two live School Forums that were held in Nov in Parow, 

79 attendees from 42 schools attended. 

During the last-in-2020 School Forum, held on Nov 25, Leslie Isaacs, Debtors' Bursar 

and Debbie Timm, Finance Officer, did a live demo of the 11 items below at a click of a button:

1. It's that time of the year, and the School is doing Admissions/Enrollments of learners for the next year.

2. The Admin Staff member needs to capture Absenteeism for the day.

3. A parent has changed their email address and you need to update it.

4. A parent is phoning to ask for their school fees' outstanding balance.

5. School needs to inform all parents about the Covid-19 regulations and send the Letter from the Principal.

6. Your Admin Staff member needs to create an incident and inform parents on the Communicator.

7. You need to email certain parents a 72-hour notice letter as part of the debt collection. 

    You need to check who has read and who has not read the email, in order to follow up.

8. It's the end of the term and School needs to input the marks and print out/ email the progress report.

9. Your school has received payments from parents, you need to assign them 

    in the Bank Stream and see how it will reflect in the 043-Form report.

10. You need to submit the 043-report to the WCED from the Rise system.

11. SGB has approved the School's 2021 budget. It needs to be inputted into RSM.

For more first hand feedback from Schools, who use RSM for all the school's critical processes,

visit riseschoolmanagement.co.za

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