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[RSM Weekly#18]: School Forum, bulk mailing, enrollments, a beginner's mindset & a new school

Last week we discussed the School Forum, 043-Form additions and video training guides for schools.
If you have missed a Weekly Update#17, you will find it hear in full.

School Forum via Hangouts
20 School Staff members - both existing and new schools - attended the School Forum
on Wed, Aug 12. Hanli from Tygerbergkunssentrum showed the below aspects of RSM in real time.
Attendees saw how the Bulk Mailing and the report (read/sent/bounced) works, as well as
Enrollments and the end result of the new import tool - learner cards created in RSM.
043-Form report per Term/Semester. Schools can now fill in their investment accounts at the bottom of 043-Form.
How approving of transactions in the Bank Stream affects Budget Planned vs. Actuals
& 043-Form in real time. The above topics are just to mention a few that were discussed in the Forum.
There was an engaging atmosphere with pertinent questions and valuable feedback.

A Principal and an Educator are about to complete the system training in RSM
The Principal and the Educator from one of our Schools are about to complete the system training
in RSM. Yes, you've heard it right - the same training that Bursars and Admin Staff undergoes in the system -
all the accounting functionality, 043-Form, reports and much more. This is great!
It shows that it is all about the mindset and the attitude. In this regard, a beginner's mindset comes to mind.
It implies an attitude of openness, eagerness and a lack of preconceptions on a subject.

Bulk Mailing & Enrollments (a new import tool of guardians' & learners' info)
If your School has not started using Bulk Mailing and Enrollments/guardian's update
import tool, please watch a short video guide on the Bulk Mailing and the two part
video guide on Enrollments (a new import tool of guardians' and learners' info):
Just click here to watch a PART 1 video guide on the Enrollments/guardian's & learners' import tool.
Here is the link to the PART 2 video guide on the Enrollments/a new import tool.

Engage with us and ask us questions in your Weekly Meetings on the above functions
so that you can start benefiting from them.
Subscribe to the Rise SA channel, so you keep abreast of all the new exciting
additions and the training video guides on the existing and new aspects of the system.

Feedback from Accountants
We had a positive and favourable feedback on Rise Accounting from seasoned
accountants - Professional and Chartered Accountants -
who have been using various accounting systems out there.
They like that our system is so user-friendly,
allows exporting reports and data easily, allows drill-down to the source document on ALL
reports in the system and, last but not the least, the level of detail across the board.

A School from the North West province comes onboard
Sweet Pea Independent Primary School based in the North West Province made an informed decision
to go for a full school-specific package, Rise School Management. Due to the fact that the accounting system
they were previously using was not delivering, the Principal was looking for a school-specific solution
that includes both FULL accounting & communication with parents at its core.

To learn more details, see for all the packages, included modules and pricing

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