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[RSM Weekly#21]: School Forum on Aug 26, Marks module and more

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team

In last week's Weekly Update, there was an interview with Edeon Wyngaard, 
Principal at Firgrove PS, who finished the training in the Rise system, 
together with one of their School's Educators, Nicolaas Saayman.
If you have missed a Weekly Update#20, you will find it just by clicking here.

School Forum on Aug 26
Hanli Mostert, Bursar at TKS, was doing a live presentation during
the School Forum on Aug 26. 25 School Staff members - Principals,
Bursars and Admin Staff - from all over South Africa attended.

Budgeting is essential for schools. We've looked how you can 

create a Budget for the year ahead with all your income and expense

items, and how you can track against your Budget with the Budget Planned vs. Actual report. 

During the School Forum we looked at:

1. How to create an income account and an expense account under COA
assigning a type of account; financial category and map it to the 043

2. How to create your Budget: 
2.1 how to create it from scratch by adding accounts and amounts
2.2 how to copy the previous year's budget and adjust amounts

3. How to track your budget in Budget Planned vs. Actual
3.1 How to drill down in the Budget Planned vs Actual and see what
you spent your budget on or where your income is coming from

4. How to assign a phone charge fee in the Bank Stream and how it reflects in 
the Budget plan vs Actual and in the Document Journal

4.1 How to match a payment towards School Fees and how it reflects in 
the Budget plan vs Actual and in the Document Journal 

5. How to activate your Business Pulse on the Homepage
   Quick Menu -.> Settings

There were other topics we have touched on.

Hanli also showed how she uses Bulk Mailing 
to email parents from Rise School Management.

You can view a video recording of this School Forum by

clicking on this link. You will just need to request access and,

once it's granted, you'll be able to watch it.

043-Form in Rise School management
For some of you submitting 043-Form from RSM was just smooth sailing. 
For others, it came with just a few bumps on the road.
And yet for others it came with a bit of a storm. 
Even so, you went through the checks, followed our Team's instructions 
and put in place changes to make sure that your 043-Form 
balances and is all good. Well done!

“...You learn by doing and by falling over.” 
― Richard Branson 

Marks module in RSM
For the last few months, our Dev Team has been working on the
Marks' Module. Based on the Schools' feedback, it is one of the
crucial modules for Schools. If your Schools is interested 
in testing this module and being the first one to see how it works, just email back.
More news will come, so watch this space. 

A new School joins RSM
Darul Islam Islamic High School has recently come onboard. They
were really impressed with the system during one of the latest School Forums.
The Bursar is so keen to start that just a week later, they have
supplied all the necessary documents which our Team has imported. 
Currently the Bursar is undergoing training in the system.

Hear what schools say about the system, support, training and their overall experience.

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