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[RSM Weekly#23]: Next school forum, a new training course, Marks and more

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team

Every week we send out weekly updates to our Schools regarding all 
the updates and news on the Rise School Management side.

Last week we discussed St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Primary School
coming onboard onto RSM, asset register, School Forum on Sep 09 and training videos.
If you have missed a Weekly Update#22, you will find it below this email.   

Next School Forum on Sep 23
We will have the next School Forum at 10.00 on Wed, Sep 23

We would like to extend an invitation to your Principal, Bursar

& Admin Staff to the upcoming School Forum.

Accessing Learner Data at any time is essential for

schools. Checking outstanding balances of learners

in real time is even more essential for schools.

We will look at both and also how to create an additional

guardian in RSM and upload documents for a specific learner.

The agenda is as follows:

1. How to access learners with the same name and surname;

2. How to view what parents settled and what they owe to School;

3. How to create an additional guardian/parent in a Learner card;

4. How to upload a document for a learner (ID, doc's note etc);

5. How to save R15K on paper with News, Resources, Events and Channels;

6. How approved transactions reflect in 043-Form and the Budget Report;

7. How to email all your parents per class/ grade or at once.

If you have not received the above invite, just reply back and we will email you

the link that you can use to join the School Forum on Wed, Sep 23.

Training in RSM as part of onboarding
We are currently training some schools in the system as part of onboarding onto RSM 
- both government and independent schools - and it's interesting to see that 
if a Bursar is eager and keen to learn, how much faster they grasp everything
 in the system and on the accounting side of things.
"It always seems impossible until it's done",- Nelson Mandela 

NEW: 043-Form training course for Bursars and Admin Staff
For the past few months, we have been working  on putting together a
condensed high value course on how to use 043-Form in RSM. 
The course is on how 043-Form works starting from Chart of Accounts 
and builds up on it.   

The course content delves into mistakes and challenges that can typically happen.
It also teaches Bursars who have never worked in RSM how 043-Form gets
put together in Rise School Management.

For existing schools, this course is a way to deepen their understanding
and sharpen their skills of working with 043-Form. It is a practical way to 
revise possible mistakes and learn  to fix them.
Dear Bursars, do you maybe have any feedback on the above?

Marks Module
Our team has been hard at work taking marks module further
to a next level to assist Schools with delivering Marks' reports and
certificates with no hassle. The idea is that Schools will be able to generate 
term reports and certificates for all their learners from RSM.

Visit riseschoolmanagement.co.za to find out how RSM, all-in-one software for school management
addresses schools' challenges

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