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School Forum on the Rise school management system with Hermanus HS on 24 March

Another exciting School Forum took place on 24 March 2022.
Ms Jacky Booysen did a presentation in the Rise
school management system, a one stop cloud system for schools. 

This time schools from the Western Cape province came to attend to see
how the Rise school management system works. 

Schools have been using the Rise system in their daily financial, administration 
and communication processes. 

The main theme of this forum was cash vs accrual accounting. 
Most accounting systems use accrual basis. Schools however work daily 
based on the cash approach. How do these two approaches marry? 

In the Rise system due to the above it empowers schools to use both cash basis
and accrual basis. 

1. Cash basis vs. accrual basis reporting.

2. Income Statement cash basis and how to drill down.

3. Income Statement accrual basis and how to drill down.

4. Customizing statements with terms of payment and

school's banking details.

5. Viewing learners' upcoming birthdays, males and females stats

per class, grade and a whole school.

6. Viewing A/R aging per grade and as a whole, to report to SGB.

7. Drilling down in the 043-Form into any account

and checking for unlinked accounts.

8. How to do a textbook issue, return or audit

Here is a recording of this School Forum that can be viewed by clicking 

on this link.

If you would like to learn more on the points covered, here are more details on 
this School Forum.

To learn more what schools say about the Rise school management system, 
here are more details.

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