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[Success story]: the Rise SA Team will implement 1C:ERP in the next 3 months

How ERP systems transforms business 
If one looks at ERP systems and their history, it is hard to believe that what started with paper cards over 100 years ago
has become a powerful way of being on top of the business game in terms of their strategic and day-to-day business processes.
ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems
has revolutionized the way companies conduct business and can access high level and granular information at a click. 

The latter has become possible with the cloud ERP systems,
of which 1C:ERP is definitely is.

The Rise SA team gets chosen to implement 1C:ERP
The Rise SA Team is excited to share with you. A multi-tenant international company 
that has a presence in several countries has chosen the Rise SA Team as a trusted 
and reliable implementation partner of the 1C:ERP solution. 

1C:Enterprise, a powerful software development platform, enables and empowers 
partners of 1Ci and its end-users to enjoy quality, top notch cloud solutions that are 
customizable and industry specific. 

The platform has 3 layers and enables partners to develop cloud and mobile solutions
for customers efficiently and fast. 

1C:ERP empowers companies with several branches and global branches 
in various countries. Our recent success story is about this kind of implementation.
A customer has a presence in a number of countries and needs to implement
the ERP system in several languages across the border. 

1C:ERP - strategic advantages for companies
Here are just some strategic advantages of going with 1C:ERP:
1. Fast implementation and launch within 3-4 months.
In the ERP world this is a fantastic achievement, as companies need 
to have as quick an implementation as possible.

2. Easy customization for any specific business process.
Customization is the name of our game. We have customized a few solutions towards
customers' specific requirements. 

TCO (low cost of ownership) and high product acceptance rate.

4. USE ERP in cloud, on-premise or on mobile. 

Watch this space as we share more success stories and insights.

Contact the Rise SA Team to see in which way the Rise SA Team can help you
to transform your business.

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