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[Weekly Update#22]: A new school, School Forum on Sep 09, asset register and training videos

By Anna Toma, Rise SA Team

In last week's Weekly Update, we discussed the School Forum held on 
Aug 26, the newly developed marks' module and more.
If you have missed a Weekly Update#21, you will find it here.

A new school
St. Augustine's Primary has recently come onboard. They chose 
Rise School Administration package with the following modules:
1. Rise School Communicator
Create news, resources, events, channels and contacts
2. Learner Data module
3. Enrollment simplified
4. Bulk mailing
5. Discipline module
6. Absenteeism

Asset register - feedback from Schools 
We've had some requests from some of you regarding us developing an Asset
register functionality in RSM. For those of you, who have not yet discussed it with us,
will Asset Register be of  value and assistance to your School? 

We will appreciate it if you could email a short answer in reply to the above question. 
The more Schools say "yes", the higher chances are that we will develop it this year. 

School Forum on Sep 09 for Principals, Bursars and Admin Staff

Receiving cash in payments poses a challenge of timely 

recording it against the invoice. But what if a parent pays cash 

towards one of the Fundraisers, so there is no invoice. 

We will look how to record it and what account to use. 

We will then look how to record paper receipts from the receipt book

into the system and print them out.

We will also look how to record a payment towards 

School Fees in advance. 

The agenda was as follows: 

1. How to record a cash payment towards School Fees '

    and print/email a cash receipt;

2. How to record a cash payment towards the Fundraiser

3. How to record a cash payment for School Fees paid in advance

3. How to save R15K on paper with News, Resources and Channels 

4. How to assign transactions in the Bank Stream

5. How approved transactions reflect in 043-Form and the Budget Report

6. How to email all your parents at a click and see Sent/Read/Bounced

During School Forum, we have covered many other topics that you can

view in this School Forum's video recording by clicking on this link.

Training videos

You can watch these concise and informative videos on various

aspects of Rise School Management, if you have questions or

would like to see first hand how different functionality works. 

Just click on the link above and subscribe to Rise SA Channel to know

when new videos get published.

Watch this space for more interesting news.

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